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Thursday, July 12, 2007

How do I get to the next step?

Well, here it is. Twelve years have passed since I opened this business. It hasn't gotten decidedly easier. I am training in a new Mashgiach / Counter person, so I have been working longer than normal hours- twelve hours instead of ten. Maybe that is why I seem to be short on patience. Anyway, the simple things still evade me. Cashiers that stay available for the customers. Ok, sometimes I send them into the aisles to stock, but disappearing? I know, I know. Hire new people. Tonight my dishwasher comes out of the cooler just as I am looking at him. He holds his pose for a couple of minutes with his hands behind his back. Maybe fixing his apron, maybe trying to fit the Snapple bottle into his back pocket. I don't remove my stare and he gives up, pulls the Snapple bottle out and says, "How much". I respond "How often are you taking "Free" bottles." He answers it is his first time. By the way we offer free meals and unlimited soda from the fountain. Still we contend with petty theft- slipping challahs out the back door, taking a Snapple bottle. Ok, I could fire him, send a message to everybody. But what will the next guy be like. It just doesn't get easier. I am constantly covering positions during the day, cashier, accounting, counter. Should I not be able to expect that the place just runs without my personal involvement? Should I not be able to eat in the dining room and not worry that the phone is being answered and customers are not waiting too long. How did Wal-mart and Home Depot grow from one store to 1000's? I pray for the day when business is brisk enough that I can hire good managers and pay them to run this place with me or better for me.