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Friday, June 15, 2007

add to Covering It All

Well, it was only one day and my bookkeeper Luiza called in sick. So today I had to do the bank deposit, count the cash and checks and enter on the computer. Thank G-d that I don't have two who miss the same day very often. Al Tiftach Pe LeSatan!

One of my employees who works at night told me the other day that he may be leaving in a few weeks. It has prompted discussion with Ron, the Chef, about closing at 6:00pm. We have entertained the option before-thinking that we could save money when things were really tight. (Now at least we can breathe.) Anyway the thought is that we would close at 6:00. The "Cons" are obvious. We would lose our dinner business and lose some convenience shopping business in our other departments. Psychologically we could lose also, because customers start to think this is the beginning of the end. Remember Zarrof's. And people don't like to shop at a place they think is closing. The "Pros" include a leaner payroll. We would keep our best people and clean out the chaff. We would then focus our efforts more on catering, bakery, wholesale and grab-n-go. It would also be a tremendous lifestyle change. I would most likely cover the whole day for hasgacha, but be done at 6:00. It would be a simpler business perhaps.

Any thoughts anybody?

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Laurie Rosenwasser said...

Stewart, I hope you won't decide to close at 6 p.m. or, if you do, that you will decide maybe to close early on Monday and Tuesday and to stay open later both on Wednesday and Thursday. For those of us with day jobs who want to be able to shop at Fishman's, evening hours are crucial. Thanks for the great web site, and THANKS for Fishman's!