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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Honestly, from a retailer's point of view, cell phone use is at best annoying and at worst plainly rude. What do I mean? A customer comes into the store looking for service and are tied into a conversation on the cell phone. Often, with the use of wireless Bluetooth connections, it is not clear whether the person is talking to themselves, another person or the clerk that they would like to engage service from. Then, in between, pauses in the conversation they try to order something.

Does anyone remember when we were little and our parents would chide us for interrupting a conversation they were having with an adult. "Can't you see I am talking to someone", they would say. "Please be polite and wait your turn, or say excuse me". What ever happened to that rule? It is hard to give service to a person who is talking to someone else. It is just not nice.

It rates highly with people who call with phone orders, usually in the middle of a rush time, and either are totally unsure of what they are ordering, or get a beep-in for another call and ask if we would mind holding while they take the other call. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT FOR US TO GIVE GOOD SERVICE TO YOU, YOU MUST REALIZE THAT WE ARE BUSY WITH OTHER CUSTOMERS AT THE SAME TIME. AND IT IS DIFFICULT IF YOU ARE NOT RESPECTFUL OF OUR TIME, TOO. Ok, I said it.

We also have customers, usually men, who cannot come into the store to shop without walking the aisles with the cell phone attached to their ear describing items for purchase, usually to their wives. Twenty years ago there must have either been no men shopping, more independent minded men, or many product returns because of inept shopping. MAKE A LIST, TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE AND PURCHASE THE PRODUCT. If you are unsure, ask us to help you choose what to get and we will gladly take all responsibility and further we will freely allow you to refund the product. Guess what you will also reduce the time to shop by half.

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